Friday 17 August 2018

Van's RV 10s of New Zealand

2007 was a busy year for homebuilt and sport aircraft with seven first of types being registered, the third of which was the Van's RV 10.

The RV 10 was Van's entry into the four-seater homebuilt aircraft market. It first flew in May 2003 and as of August 2018 a total of 890 RV 10s are recorded as having flown (That's about 9% of total RVs that have flown, which is just over 10,000!).  The RV 10 was designed as a touring aircraft and therefore foregoes the crisp aerobatic handling of the earlier Van's models (RV 3 to RV 8).  construction is typical Van's with an all aluminium kit of panels with pre-drilled holes and the cabin area and gull wing doors are of carbon fibre.  Its length is 24 feet 5 inches (7.44 metres), the wingspan is 31 feet 9 inches (9.68 metres)  and the wing area is 148 square feet.  Empty weight is around 1,600 pounds (725 Kg) and MAUW is 2,700 pounds (1.224Kg) which gives a pretty good payload of around 1,100 pounds.  The typical engine is a Lycoming O-540 or IO-540 producing around 260 HP, and with this engine the cruise speed is around 200 mph while the stall speed is around 63 mph.

We have had two RV 10s in New Zealand to date, one built here and one imported:

Neil and Sarah Colliver of Bulls built their RV 10 ZK-RVT (c/n 40593) and first registered it on 11/9/07.  It is photo'd above at the 2009 Wings Over Wairarapa airshow, on 17/1/09 and it is still current.  Neil and Sarah Colliver had previously built Savannah ZK-SAV.

ZK-PHL (c/n 40388) is of similar vintage as it was first registered as VH-ICP3 to C B McGough of Broome in Western Australia on 9/11/07.  It was then owned by M and T Smits of Seymour, Victoria from 18/11/09 until it was sold to New Zealand.  It flew across the Tasman on 26 and 27/7/16 and its Australian registration was cancelled on 2/8/16.  It was registered ZK-PHL on 8/8/16 to Philip G Anderson of Hawera.  The above photo of it was taken at Stratford on 30/12/16.

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