Wednesday 15 August 2018

A Bevy of Bantams

B 22 Bantams are still quite common and Te Kowhai and Stratford provided a few:

B 22J (for Jabiru power) ZK-ZAF (c/n 07-316) taxied in at Te Kowhai.

and the Gordonton Microlight Club's nice B 22J ZK-DKT2 (c/n 05-0267) was hangared.

 with a couple of impressive air horns!

B 22 ZK-WVL (c/n 0141) was well covered in the open hangar.  It is registered to a Pongaroa owner (East of Pahiatua) so it was a long way from home.

And at Stratford the Stratford Microlite Club's B 22 ZK-FYH (c/n 0109) with Wayne Richmond about to push it back into the hangar.

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