Monday 13 August 2018

Feilding on 12-8-2018

Jordan Elvy was at Feilding on Sunday and captured some interesting aircraft:  The key to checking out these aircraft is to be there when the many private hangars are open.

Torana Investment's Ltd's Aviat A-1C-180 Husky ZK-NWY2 looking smart.

And a surprise to me was Stan Hyde's Rand KR 2UL ZK-TWO2 which looks like it is on track for a return to the air.

While another of Stan Hyde's aircraft, the Porterfield 35-70 ZK-POR was tucked in beside yet another of his aircraft - the first generation microlight Ultralight Mirage ZK-EYI which dates back to 1982!

While outside in the sun was another first generation microlight: the Pterodactyl Ascender II+2 ZK-PAY was ready for flight!  This aircraft dates back to 1988 when it was first registered as ZK-PAX which was withdrawn from use and cancelled in February 2000.

ZK-PAY was registered on 7/4/05 and is now owned by the Early Bird Flying Syndicate of Feilding.  I reckon it is really neat to see these old microlights in the air and I might concentrate on them when I finish posting all our homebuilt and sport aircraft.

Thanks very much for the photos Jordan. 


  1. Thanks for the share! Was a great day out, loads of interesting aircraft outside. As you say the key is to be there when the hangars are open, people at Feilding are so friendly and dont usually mind if you slide into the hangar for a photo!

  2. Great article! really enjoyed reading through this.

    I love creative and quirky aircraft.

    My personal favorite is the ZK-PAY.

  3. Remember Pete James in Timaru flying one of those wings jobs. Feet dangling below for undercart.