Friday 1 June 2018

Western Grass at Christchurch International 01-06-2018

A late morning visitation to the Western side of Christchurch Airport today (01-06-2018) produced the following items of interest.
The first three are at the Christchurch Helicopters 2001 Ltd's facility.
 The Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 Squirrel ZK-HND3 (c/n 2073) departs.
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 Above. Of late 1980 vintage and previously registered here as ZK-HWW and ZK-ISS2 we see the Aerospatiale AS 350BA Squirrel ZK-IOP (c/n 1299) high tailing it northward. 
It has been listed with Levo Ltd of Wanaka since only May the 3rd.
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 The Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-HZO2 (c/n 1057) arrives back from the west.
This was ZK-HCS5 in a previous life.
 Parked near the Canterbury Aero Club hangar was the Cessna 172N ZK-NPF (c/n 17268293) of Helicare Services Ltd of Nelson.
With the NP* registration you would be correct in thinking that it is ex New Plymouth Aero Club.
In fact it started as ZK-EFT with the Club at New Plymouth in April of 1977 - had a bit of an incident in July of 1978 and following due care and attention came back as ZK-NPF on 11-03-1993. 
The Club sold it in August 2007 to Wellton Air Ltd of Auckland who moved it on to Helicare in July of 2011.
The latest addition to the Canterbury Aero Club are two
 new Piper PA-28-181 Archer TX's registered as ZK LJT and ZK-LJX on 03-05-2018.
Here we see ZK-LJX (c/n 2843919) which has initially been allocated the Piper test registration of N7115J in November last year.

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