Monday 18 June 2018

Titan Mustang ZK-LSD at Matamata

Outside at Matamata we have our latest Titan Mustang, Mike Adams' ZK-LSD.  It looks great!

I have previously referred to this Rotax 912 powered example in my previous post on Titan T 51 Mustangs of New Zealand - the Rotax Mustangs HERE (scroll to the bottom).

It is painted as 412943 of the USAF from the Korean war but is named Millicent Rhodes.

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  1. Apprently Flown to Wanganui Illeally with a non rated person doing the Flying only Microlite ATO's can self rate GA can't. Sposed to do 10 hours at build Aerrodrome before heading off somewheres 1.1/2 ours only. Canopy blew of at Tokaroa & engine over heated 10 clicks from Wanganui dead stick landing somewheres condition unknown not a great start 2 x incidents in one day. Fella flying should have known better I suspect the Feds are gonna be resonably inteested or should be although going on previous form who knows.