Friday 8 June 2018

Glastar ZK-CIM.

Registered on Tuesday (5th June) to Barry Mogg of Rerewhakaaitu was the Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar ZK-CIM2 (c/n 5520).
This has been some years in the pipeline having first been registered to Tony Clarry in the UK as G-CTEC from 09-11-1999 using the Popular Flying Association allocated c/n PFA295-13260. Ownership passed to Barry on 28-11-2000 but little of the project had been completed before his move to NZ in 2003.
Its UK registration was finally cancelled on 06-04-2009 as exported to NZ.
We have two recent photos below showing it at Tauranga on 26-04-2018  by Richard Currie -
- and the lower pic from Hairy Mole Rat was taken on 28-05-2018.
It was inspected by the CAA at Solo Wings at Tauranga on Thursday.

Barry has operated the Cessna 177 Cardinal ZK-ENS since November of 2004 and the last I heard was that this had been withdrawn and the engine installed in the Glastar. He also had the Zlin Savage ZK-KPP between November 2014 and February of 2017.
And - Barry also has another interesting restoration project in the background.

To help complete the picture - the original ZK-CIM was a Piper PA-28-160 Cherokee C with the Canterbury Aero Club between 1965 and 1973.

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