Wednesday 16 May 2018

Question time # 201 update

Well kids - we haven't had much luck with this Question Time have we !

Does this mean that I get to eat the chocky fish myself  ?

He is another clue for you to ponder.


Below is the original clue and comments.

Question time # 201

I have been chastised for the lack of a 'Question Time' since early this year.
The reason is simple - I thought it about time that Mit had a break from eating my chocolate fish.

OK !

What is this then ?

What make and model aircraft would you expect to find it on ?


  1. lake amphibian

  2. Almost there Anonymous.
    I will award you the tail end of the fish for Lake Amphibian.
    I still want to know the model.
    And a possible registration would be nice.

  3. Lake 250 Australian registered

  4. Looks like ZK-BEE a Mark1 Mod A Honey Bee Type - WILD....