Thursday 17 May 2018

Question Time # 201 resolved.

Chocolate fish all round.

We are near enough to the correct answer for the main item thanks to Anonymous.
It is a Lake LA-250 Renegade.
This example is indeed the Australian registered example currently lurking as VH-WMW at Rangiora.
It started life as N8419X and escaped to Australia to become VH-JLV from mid October of 1992. 
It was re-registered as VH-AWD in 1992 and then to VH-WMW on 10-12-1998.
 The weight is on the port side of the rudder only.
 It ferried into Kerikeri from Oz on 03-05-2018.
 We already have just the single example on the NZ register as ZK-RFH.
Seen below at Wanaka on 25-03-2016.
We have had eight of the smaller LA-4 Buccaneers on our register.
There is just the one - ZK-DNK - still currently listed.
If 'Anonymous' would like to email me his postal address I will forward the promised fish.
It will be interesting to see how many Anonymous's reply !
My email is in the blog header photo.

For Mit.
Yes that it ZK-BEE Mk1 Wild.
Although it is likely to end up bee-coming FOD.

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