Thursday 10 May 2018

An early NZRT pie run.

 School class is in. 
The subject is 'Introduction to Aviation for kids'.
 As carried out very successfully by Des Lines and his helpers.
The item being studied by this class is the Tiger Moth ZK-BCO at his Swannanoa strip.
See a previous mention of one the experiments that the kids get to see Here
 Two aircraft that we don't see out:  above - very often - is Doug Anderson's Ibis Magic GS-700 ZK-DUH2 (c/n GS-10-11-700-114) which first flew back in June of 2012. 
It is currently housed in this hangar whilst its usual hangar is being used for the final construction of yet another Savannah.

And below - not out at all - is the Bernie Johnston Acrolite 1C ZK-EMP2 (c/n 126). 
I don't know if it has ever flown !

 The reason for the early pie run was to catch the new ICP Savannah S ZK-SUA (c/n 16-06-54-0376) out doing engine runs after the first start up of its Rotax 912ULS yesterday (09-05-2018).
It was built over about a six month period by Andy Drain of Rangiora.
Very nice Andy.

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  1. Blue Bus - the Acrolite ZK-EMP has flown - see the earlier post which shows it first flying on 10/11/13.