Monday 23 October 2017

ZK-HPQ and the Kakariki

Aerospatiale AS 350 c/n 1420 began as a D model AStar with Aerospatiale Helicopters Corporation at Grand Prairie Texas from November 1981 as N5782G.
In February it was listed with Interstate Coal Co at Lincoln Kentucky until moving to Webster Texas in July 1992 for Statewide Capital Inc.
Aero Air Inc of Hillboro Oregon took it over from December 1993 until it went back to American Eurocopter Inc at Grand Prairie in Texas in May 1994 to prep it for export eventually to NZ
It joined the NZ civil aircraft register on 17-12-1995 as ZK-HYW2 with Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd of Palmerston North and operated under the Helipro name.
ZK-HYW2 is seen above at the Helipro base at Christchurch International Airport on 17-09-2008.
It was re-designated as a AS 350 BA on 14-11-2000.
Following the collapse of Helipro the helicopter was acquired by Christchurch Helicopters 2001 Ltd from 16-09-2016 and was re-registered as ZK-HPQ3 on 23-09-2016. 
Following a major rework it was rolled out as seen below.
Photo taken 14-12-2016
A few days later (20-12-2016) it was noted below in a slightly revised scheme.
In early October I noted it in the new scheme below.
Christchurch Helicopters have entered into a partnership with the Department of Conservation to assist with the protection of the orange fronted parakeet 'Kakariki'.
This new scheme depicts the orange fronted parakeet. 
There is a small DOC logo on the tail boom.
For more on the Kakariki see  Here.
Above is ZK-HPQ as noted on 04-10-2017.
Above and below as seen on 19-10-2017.
Below is an article noted recently published in the Christchurch Press/Stuff. 

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