Saturday 21 October 2017

Thursdays patrol at NZCH

A few minutes at the western side of Christchurch International on Thursday  the 19th reaped the following :-
 The Taylorcraft 20 Ranchwagon ZK-BQM (c/n 20-014) has found a new owner with Philip Wilby of Christchurch and has been removed from its long time park on the Western grass. 
It is seen above in the Canterbury Aero Club Engineering facility with wings removed. 
It has been mentioned several time before - see  HERE.
 Over at Heli Maintenance Kaikoura Helicopters Ltd had their Aerospatiale AS 350
BA ZK-HNX3 (/n 1828) parked outside.
In the Heli Maintenance hangar I found the Schweizer 269C N60718 (c/n S1618) working its way to become ZK-IIL2 with Mountain Helicopters Ltd of Christchurch.

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