Sunday 1 October 2017

Recent shootings

Here we have a few photographs as snapped during the last week or so.
 At Ashburton we have this Aero L29 "26" - I believe recently arrived from Australia.
Ex Romania ?
Above - rescued from the long grass at Rangiora and being prepped for transport after a lengthy period parked out at Swannanoa and then Rangiora is the Piper  PA-28-140/160 ZK-CNQ (c/n 28-22287).
It has been moved to Ashburton (below) for refurbishment. 
Its registration was revoked back on 11-04-2014.
Also shifted from its long time park - at Christchurch - is the Piper PA-28-140D Cherokee ZK-DEH (c/n 28-7125556).
Now in the capable hands of Kevin Langford.
 Nearing the end of a major rework is the Hughes 369D ZK-HNT (c/n 580514D).
This was initially registered to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd on 02-07-1979 and shifted over to Helicopters (NZ) Ltd of Nelson on the 24th.
On 17-11-1980 Keith McKenzie of Taumaranui took it over and it has remained with him until transferred over to Bill Hales of Alpine Springs Helicopters on 08-02-2017.
It is seen outside the Heli Maintenance facility at Christchurch International on the 27th of last month.
 Up at Rangiora I caught the Aeropro EuroFox 3K ZK-TUG2 (c/n 38213) of the Kaikoura Aero Club (as operated by Air Kaikoura) about to depart back home after some TLC at Rangiora Aircraft Engineering.


  1. Blue bus, what's the story behind the L29?

  2. Nothing confirmed yet on the L29.
    We will see what the rumour mill brings forth.

  3. What do you want to know re l-29?

  4. I own a Yak but my dream is the L29 and always interested in any new units coming into the country. Would love to have a sit in one and good look around. My LAME tells me they are fairly simple to service etc similar to the Yak so always interesting!

    1. You can email me, if u are interested

  5. It is always nice to know the previous identity of any aircraft, also its manufacturers serial number. Plus any other history on the airframe and owners.

  6. Serial #893049 ex Romania. Owned by Jared mulholland of christchurch. Restoration to airworthy to start next year.