Saturday 21 October 2017

Homegrown Two Seat Homebuilt Aircraft of New Zealand (8) - Stoof Joyrider

Rino Stoof of Cambridge built his Stoof Joyrider in the late 1990s/early 2000s and got it to the stage of carrying out engine runs.  Unfortunately it never made it into the air, but I include it here because it was registered with CAA.

The tri-gear Stoof Joyrider was of all-wooden construction and had removeable wings and tailplane.  It had a wingspan of around 10 metres and a length of around 6 metres.  It was powered by a 2 litre EJ 20 Subaru engine with a Hintz gearbox and was fitted with a Ballistic Recovery Parachute.

ZK-RYD (c/n 05/01) was registered to Rino P P Stoof of Cambridge on 14/4/05.  The above photo is from the internet but I do not have a record of where.  It was withdrawn and cancelled from the register on 8/5/13.

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