Thursday 12 October 2017

Cessna Cardinal ZK-DJL

The Cessna 177RG Cardinal N1931Q (c/n 177RG0331) arrived at Ports of Auckland aboard the near new container ship Austral Ensign on 13-04-1973.
It was registered to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd at Ardmore on 17-04-1973 as ZK-DJL and it first flew in NZ on 13-06-1973 and gained its NZ CofA the following day.
On the 21st it was listed to W Lysaght of Auckland (of Rex Flying School if memory serves).
Two views of her at Wellington 04-07-1973

Parked outside the Canterbury Aero Club facility at Harewood in August 1973 - thanks to CMM.
Noted above at Hamilton on 13-11-1973
Above photo from Allan Wooller taken in July 1974.
It suffered an engine failure  on 22-06-1975 strucking a hedge during a force landed near Hamilton  
Its registration was cancelled on 01-07-1975 and it went into storage.
It was rebuilt under the watchful eye of Paul Muller at New Plymouth using the imported fuselage of  the damaged N1754H (c/n 177RG0748).
Now N1754H had an oil pump failure on 18-07-1980 resulting in No1 and No 3 con rods letting go. During the ensuing forced landing into the Santa Ana Golf  Course it over shoot the fairway into trees. 
As a result of damage it was cancelled from the US register on 19-06-1981.
 Above is the fuselage of N1754H morphing into ZK-DJL as seen at New Plymouth on 25-10-1984.
 And above - getting there slowly - at New Plymouth on 28-12-1985.
Above as noted on 07-03-1986 - the day before its first flight after its rebuild.
 It was then re-registered on 25-03-1986 to Brook Jolly of New Plymouth.
It had a forced landing on  Bell Block Beach on 01-10-1987.
J Wilkinson of Carterton took it over from 21-11-1990,
followed by N W (Bill) Izard of Masterton from 19-11-1993.
Thomas Brien of Albany took it on from 23-05-1994.
I believe it then spent a time period at Nandi, Fiji.

Peter Morris Trust of Auckland from 13-04-2005.
Below it was noted recently at North Shore by Keith Morris on 07-10-2017.

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