Sunday 22 May 2016

Wellington International 19-5-2016

Last Thursday at Wellington International, the late afternoon sun was spectacular for photography.  I met up with minicooper and had a ride in his Mini Cooper.  The photos below were taken from the upper deck of the Spruce Goose cafe.

 Air New Zealand Airbus A 320 ZK-OXI about to touch down...

and with reverse thrust.

 Then a couple of King Airs - NZ7124 of the RNZAF...

and Skyline Aviation's ZK-MFT2 operating for the New Zealand Air Ambulance Service.

A great afternoon even if a bit chilly!


  1. It was a great afternoon, but Sir Minty, it was not chilly at all!! Good to catch up with you again.

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  3. I might have grown up in Wellington but I have lived in Auckland for 16 years!