Sunday 29 May 2016

Starduster ZK-SDI revisited.

The Stolp Starduster SA100 ZK-SDI (c/n 14) was noted at Rangiora in mid 2007 and gained a mentioned in an earlier post at:-
A new recent comment has prompted this update.
This first photograph above shows it as N73R at Rangiora on 10-05-2007. Its US registration visible at the top of its fin.
Then below we have five views of it out in the sunshine on 21-11-2007.

 In the upper and lower pic the figure '3' of its US registration is still on its fin.

If entered the NZ Civil Aircraft Register on 22-01-2008 as ZK-SDI with Alan Ryde.
Above we see it on 28-05-09 with its SDI markings on its fin.
 And again - but on 29-10-2013.

Alan Ryde sold it to a family friend from 25-06-2015 and it now resides at Fernside Fields - to the West of Rangiora - along with the Cessna A185F ZK-DSO with Greg Ward.
I caught up with it at it new abode on 20-03-2016

For more on this CPO chevron and 'Adorimini'  see :-


  1. I owned this plane from about 1992 until 2004 or so. I made a number of changes to the ship, including replacing the original Lyc O-290 with an O-320, added the "Kills" above the flying chiefs chevron, moved the rudder pedals forward and more. I purchased the plane from the son (estate) of the original owner, who had it painted like the Navy F4B-4 (last carrier biplane the USNavy had used. He flew it out of, I think, Pensacola, Florida, during WWII.

    Glad the plane is in good hands!! If more info is desired, bumper at frontier dot com.

  2. Error on email above. Should be bumperm @