Friday 6 May 2016

Fixed Wing Review

Following on from yesterday's post the pleasant autumn weather created opportunities to check out the local scene around Auckland and here a few of those snapped. 

Cessna 182T ZK-CDR has been on the register since December 2012 and it is seen here preparing to depart its North Shore home. 

Air Chathams Convair 580 ZK-CIE arriving in Auckland Thursday last week, presumably on the airline's once a week Chathams-Auckland run. 

Cessna 182R ZK-CNR has been visiting Ardmore recently. It is listed with the Palms of George, Pukekohe, and I vaguely recall the principles of this company are involved with the airstrip at Mercer. ZK-CNR started life in NZ as ZK-JFI before becoming ZK-SAR and then in April 2011 transferring to ZK-CNR. 

Cessna A150M ZK-DOF rolling out after landing on runway 21 at North Shore, presumably its home strip. 

Above and below - Sir Minty has already covered this beauty in a recent post. Gulfstream G650 ZK-KFB is seen here departing Auckland last weekend for Dunedin carrying heavy metal band "Black Sabbath". 

Cessna 182P ZK-LEO is registered to a Kerikeri address and is seen here resting up at North Shore last week. 

Vans RV12 ZK-LSV has also received an individual post by Sir Minty in recent weeks, nice to see it at Ardmore on a couple of occasions recently. 

Cessna 182T ZK-MAR is listed to a "private owner" and it is seen here departing Ardmore 

Cessna 172P ZK-OWN was spied departing Ardmore recently. It was re-registered from ZK-DES during September 2010 and is listed to a Havelock North address. 

Airwork's recently acquired Boeing 737-400 converted freighter ZK-PAQ is yet to receive its Parcel Air logo and titles. Seen here heading from one end of Auckland International to the other for engine runs. 

Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-SDT is domiciled at Parakai/West Auckland airport on parachute operations and is seen here back tracking for a quick run up to 14000ft and back. Its time to climb in the brisk southwester blowing the day we visited sure was impressive. 

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