Saturday, 14 May 2016

Misc pics catch up.

Gulfstream GV SP N250DV (c/n 5066) seen here at Queenstown back on 24-03-2016 by Terry Fletcher. 
Listed on the FAA files with RDV Leasing LLC out of Grand Rapids of Michigan USA it began life as N966GA with Grumman Aerospace in early 2005.
It is operated by Amway/Alticor.
Also in country at the same time was their Eurocopter EC 130 B4 N716LY (c/n 7289).
Below we have the Porterfield 35-90 NZ598 as seen in the Ashburton Aviation Museum.
Terry Fletcher photo. Taken at Ashburton on 19-03-2016.
This aircraft, c/n 316, had an export C of A from the States on 11-11-1937 and came to NZ for General aircraft Sales Ltd and became ZK-AFT on 12-01-1938 for delivery to the Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club from 19-03-1938. 
It was impressed into RNZAF service from 09-10-1939 and allocated the serial NZ581
For some reason it was released to the New Plymouth Aero Club and became ZK-AHJ on 21-06-1940, only to be taken back into RNZAF service from 07-10-1942 and given the new Air Force serial number of NZ598.
Post World War Two it was released back to civilian use with Charlie H R Liddell from 26-09-1946 as ZK-APJ
Next in the ownership list was Walter (Wattie) R Willmott of Timaru from 01-05-1947 who removed the Warner Scarab V70E engine and fitted a Continental C85 motor. 
It was withdrawn from use on 06-12-1959 with its registration beiing cancelled on 11-09-1974.
It went on loan to the RNZAF Museum and then down to (and later gifted to) the Ashburton Aviation Museum.

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