Sunday 15 May 2016

The Great Aussie Flying Adventure

David Wilkinson was up at North Shore yesterday, checking over and  test running the engine in his RV 8 ZK-WLK.

I have posted lots of photos of this nice looking aircraft on the blog, but yesterday there was something different about it....

It now has ZK marks because it is about to head over the Tasman for a Great Aussie Flying Adventure.  David will be joined in the back seat by Don Wilkinson for a two week trip around New South Wales and Queensland.

 Also sharing the adventure will be Bill Luther in his RV 7 ZK-WLL (no doubt his aircraft will also be acquiring ZK marks)

And Peter Merwood in his RV 6 ZK-VRV.

The trio will fly the Tasman from Kerikeri to Port Macquarie, overnighting at Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island.  The leaving date is weather dependant but should be in the week starting the 23rd of May.

There is a Facebook page covering the adventure at:

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