Saturday 28 May 2016

Recent pics at Christchurch International.

A couple of quick whiz's around Christchurch International caught the following.
 At Garden City Helicopters Ltd three of their BK117's were on hand.
Above is the MBB BK117 B2 ZK-HGU5  (c/n 7229) just departing to head out over the city; whilst below the Kawasaki BK117 B2 ZK-HJC3 (c/n 1061) is about to settle onto its trolley.
At rest was the MBB BK117 850D2 ZK-IVB (c/n 7061).
All three of these BK's have featured on these pages previously.
The Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-IIF (c/n 1088) as listed with Collective Support Holdings Ltd of Whakatane is parked out at Pacific Helicopters Ltd and wears its full ZK marks.
This has also featured before.
Outside the ANZES hangar is the new ATR72-212A ZK-MVL (c/n 1328) which arrived on delivery on the 22nd.

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