Tuesday 30 June 2009

What ever happened to :- this Cessna A37 ?

This image taken on a seriously inclement day at Ardmore on 18-03-2000 shows a Cessna A37 of uncertain parentage.
The only marks noted being "10841" which may make it Cessna A37B-CE Dragonfly 71-0841.
Can anybody provide more information please.

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  1. According to a listing of NZ historic aircraft dated approx 10 years ago, there were at that time three A-37B in the country.
    71-854 which had already become ZK-JTL, 70-1296 stored with G Ryan at Ardmore (this was allocated ZK-ITL and then ZK-JNF but was eventually sold to the USA before restoration completed around late 2001) and a third one, PI unknown, also with G Ryan. This maybe the one you photographed, and it possibly may have gone there as well.