Tuesday 23 June 2009

Question time # 56 ................RESOLVED

Whilst passing through Wellington Airport recently I took this photograph.

Yes it is a photograph of a photograph which hangs on the wall opposite the small cafe near the start of the finger that leads out to the main ANZ gates.

Now - we all know that the aircraft in the right foreground (G-ABCF) is the Southern Cross Junior, what I would like to ask is:-

What flight is this aircraft probably better known for in NZ circles ?

In case of a deluge of correct answers:-

What was the name of the dog ?

To the right of the hangar is what I believe to be an anemometer mast. What is its claim to fame ? !

[Rodney - Do you recognise your club rooms in the background ?]


  1. Avian G-ABCF - Guy Menzies trans-Tasman flight 7Jan1931 which ended up in the swamp at Hai Hari
    Dogs name is Nigger (now not racially acceptable)or possibly Blackie!
    The anemometer mast bought down the Union Airways Miles Falcon Six ZK-AEI 19Feb1937, killing pilot M C McGregor however passenger Hamilton (of Hamilton Jet fame) survived.

  2. Firstly, nice post!

    Well, that building looks familiar :-) although the
    Wellington Aero Club rooms are a bit different nowadays - more bits attached over the years.

    We have quite a number of historical photos around the clubrooms themselves. One of my favourites is an aerial photo of the transformation of the old airfield to the new - lots of earthworks in progress but with the old runways still visible.

  3. Well then flyernzl.

    You had the answer spot on first time. Probably before the other punters had a chance to even see the post.

    Good one. Obviously too easy.

    How would you like to post a couple of Question Time pics on the blog ?

  4. The other aircraft in the pic are also interesting.
    I can identify:
    - DH60G Moth ZK-AAZ of Wellington AC which later went to the West Coast United AC, Hokitika
    for £500 in 1935. Finally destroyed in a landing accident at Hokitika 19Sep37.
    - Defence Department DH60G Moth '872' which was sold to the Marlborough AC, Blenheim in 1937 as ZK-AEM.
    Cr on landing Blenheim 15Dec38.
    - the one behind the engine of the Avian looks to be DH60G Moth ZK-AAS, also Wellington AC.
    This was eventually damaged beyond repair in a F/l near Cape Campbell 25Dec36.
    Assuming the other three Moths are also Wellington based, they coud be any combination of ZK-AAO ZK-AAV ZK-AAZ and ZK-ABH.