Saturday 20 June 2009

Coming or Going ? Gone South ZK-EEU

At the Pudding Hill fly in on 25-01-1981 there were two of a kind.
Pitts Special S-1's ZK-EES , c/n AACA/28/1 , of Max Clear and ZK-EEU , c/n AACA/24/1 of Keith Trillo.
As a matter of interest:- to my knowledge there has been no ZK-EET.
I caught up with EEU again at New Plymouth on New Years Day 1986.
I assume the shoes are part of the ritual.
Keith has just kindly advised me that ZK-EEU has been sold to Ryan Southam and Andrew Love and the aircraft has been transported to Mandeville for restoration after being dormant for a number of years.
Ryan is chief pilot at Croydon and Andrew has operated Pitts in Queenstown.

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