Wednesday 17 June 2009

Out and About at Ardmore 17Jun

On a chance visit to Ardmore today I was pleasantly surprised to see Heydecke V16 ZK-VVV in the circuit. It is now hangered at Ardmore, obviously its place of construction, Drury Gliding Strip, proves to be a little short in runway length and perhaps too wet for it. More can be found at

Vans RV-4 ZK-RVN was also on the airport and its been registered to a West Auckland address since its arrival from Australia in 2006. The prop was covered in plastic so perhaps its had an overhaul. Nice scheme.

Finally, the most recent addition to the Advanced Flight helicopter management firm is Eurocopter EC130 ZK-IJV and its seen here parked outside the Hawker Pacific hanger.

There are 17 EC130's on the NZ register with 8 of them being operated for their owners by Advanced Flight.


  1. Only glider tow planes are allowed to operate from Drury so VVV could not properly live there - I'm sure Drury would be long enough but you are also so right Mike about it being wet in the winter! Interesting machine all the same.

  2. Minature Polikarpov I-16? Perhaps we will see more of the type in NZ skies?

  3. ZK-RVN is mine...normally based at North Shore...
    ..and prop & spinner are a temporary loan, after the last one was condemned !! :-( (...hence blue spinner on a red/white aeroplane !! )