Sunday 28 December 2008

Question time # 30 answer.

We have no winner for this QT.

The answer is off course :- Sigma Aircraft Sigma 4. Three have been listed on the NZ Civil Aircraft Register.

ZK-JQF2, c/n 08, pictured above at Rangiora on 14-10-2006. It was exported and cancelled on 21-06-2007 and I believe is now "24-5095" on the Australian Recreational Aircraft Register.

ZK-JRC2 c/n 09 has been hangared at Ashburton for some time. Picture above taken on 21-03-2008.

The third is ZK-JRN c/n 10, which I have not yet sighted.

JRC & JRN are still both registered to the importer Maxim Vassiliev (East Sea Company).

The Sigma is Rotax 912ULS powered onto a Kiev, threee bladed propeller. They also have ballistic recovery parachutes. Pic above shows JQF coming together at Rangiora on 24-02-06 showing part of this system :the red object on rear window: which connects to the chute.

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