Thursday 4 December 2008 grass!

While out and about today, observed ZK-EAT almost come to grief while landing on runway 03 at Ardmore. The student somehow got the aircraft airborne again off the sealed runway for another circuit then proceeded to make an approach for the grass vector 03. He flared high, stalled it, and then promptly mushed the aircraft onto the grass at 1126 with the ensuing mess as shown in these images. Ouch!


  1. Ouch! Nice photos, shame about the accident. At least the pilot got out ok [from what the papers were saying].

    Not sure if you've heard any more, but from the little I can see in the photos, everything firewall-forward is destined for the scrap-metal merchant.. :-(

  2. The word "writeoff" was mentioned late this afternoon, but that conclusion can always be drawn with this sort of event. It stalled from about 80ft I guess, maybe lower. Still plenty of height to fall from and cause this sort of damage.

  3. i was holding at the holding point 03 and saw it all happen, could tell it was going to end in tears as i saw it sink