Sunday 7 December 2008

Parakai Saturday

The Northern Microlight Club celebrated its 21st birthday on Saturday at Parakai.
Keith Morris has kindly provided the following photographs.

Above is ZK-EZY2 with c/n NZ2006 which was originally registered on 21-07-2004 as a Foxcon Aviation Terrier 200 to the Paul Hopper & Rex Swenson Partnership.
It was re-designated as a Cli-Mate Cli-Mate 100 with a new c/n of CL04001 on 23-09-2004 to the same owners. It appears to have had some modifications carried out, the latest being customisation around the fin and rudder - Note the different size and colour of the letter "E".

ZK-HNG6 is a Mosquito Air XEL with a c/n of 1083. It was first registered on 12-02-2008 to Oskar Stielau, briefly as ZK-JNG3, but was re-registered as ZK-HNG on the 20th February.

Also owned by Oskar Stielau is this Gyrobee ZK-RDA c/n 002.

Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 ZK-LPX c/n 237 listed with the agents Alpi Aviation NZ Ltd since 06-06-2008.

Cessna 205A c/n 00553, still listed to Waiheke Aviation Services Ltd but with recently applied Parakai Skydiving titles applied. This aircraft ferried into Auckland on 17-11-1994 as VH-KMF for the Smallfields of Takanini from 13-12-94 as ZK-KMF. NZ Aerial Mapping loked after it from 01-04-199 until moving to Waiheki Aircraft Hire from 11-01-2005 and a change to Waiheke Aviation Services on 22-09-06.
American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon ZK-REF c/n 741-95. This is Rob Fry's second aircraft after his Sukoi Su29 ZK-SUK. This Champ first belonged to Rick Younker as N33RY from 20-01-1995. It then spent time in Japan and was allocated JA11RF but these letters were not taken up. An ownership change on 09-09-97 saw Travis K Sasaki of Honolulu listed. this was cancelled on 23-03-2006 for it to join the NZ register, firstly as ZK-REE from 02-02-07 and then a few days later (12-02-07) to Rob's initials ZK-REF. Rob was I believe involved in flying it much of the time whilst it ws in Japan.
All photos from Keith Morris.

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