Tuesday 9 December 2008

Question time # 28

The question is :- What part of and what type of aircraft do we have here ?


  1. Could you post a bigger picture? The one on your post is not big enough to figure it out.

  2. Hi there PD.
    I will reload the pic when I get home from the factory this evening.
    You should be able to double click on it and the pic should just about fill your screen, for some reason it has failed to do so.

  3. It looks like the MAD detector on a P3K Orion but its not a civilian plane so thats probably not right, cannot get the photo to enlarge so a bit tricky to see though. Barry

  4. AH : the anonymous Barry.
    The top one of the two pics expands ok on my screen !

    But you are correct when you say its probably not a MAD detector.
    It is NZ civil registered.