Saturday 28 June 2008

What is this ?

First noted at Rangiora in about July 2004 is this unknown helicopter type.

Air-96 is on the panel below the engine.
Reputed to have done about 1000 hours cattle mustering in Australia.
From what I observed it did not seem to have the grunt to lift off its trolley on a cool Rangiora day - let alone from a hot Aussie outback paddock !.
Engine on arrival was a Rotax 618 of around 70hp and a Rabe exhaust.
I believe it has been re-engined since but appears to have gone off the scene.

Anybody any clues as to what it is ?


  1. Don't know the type, registration or it's present whereabouts (was sold "up north" somewhere I think). It was owned by Mr Karl Hamer; as far as I know Karl never flew it more than perhaps a hover.

    If I remember correctly (and I may not) Paul Woodley did some work on it, next time you're at RT see if Paul's around and he may know the type and registration.

  2. This is a Skytwister... I wouldnt put my cat in one.....

  3. By jove. I do believe you are correct.
    A quick Google search brings up similar beasts.
    Also I see there was one cancelled from the Australian register about the time I first noted this one at Rangiora.
    Thanks for that.