Sunday 1 June 2008

Shot from behind

Todays action shot at Helipro's pad at Christchurch.
Left to right.
ZK-HYU/2. R22 . c/n 3286.
ZK-IXG. R44. c/n 10751. Still listed to Pikea Helicopter Safaris.
ZK-HLY/2. R44. c/n 1115.
ZK-HFY/2. R22. c/n 0785.
ZK-HVS/3. R22 . c/n 2849.
ZK-HWU/2. R22. c/n 1407.
Out of shot to the right was winch equiped BK117 A-3 ZK-HYE/3 . c/n 1008 which recently replaced BK117 ZK-HYZ/3.
HYE pic taken on 29-05-08.

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