Thursday 5 June 2008

Spitfire ZK-WDQ

Doug Brooker's Spitfire ZK-WDQ is now making regular flights from Ardmore and it was great to capture it earlier in the week following a 30minute local flight.


  1. Wow! It looks great! Do you know who is doing the test flying?

  2. Morning Rodney.

    The first flight was carried out by Keith Skilling at Ardmore on 21-05-2008.
    Not sure if he is doing all the testing.
    Perhaps Mike can come back and inform us.

  3. Morning again Rodney.
    Meant to also say carry on the good work with your Blog.

  4. Thanks Blue Bus for the info... and the compliment :-) I'm always learning something from your blog.



  5. Keith flew the first few rides and now the owner, Doug Brooker, is continuing the prequisite hours set down by the NZ CAA. Its only had a POB of 2 once or twice when Keith took Doug out for some 'dual'. Great to have something like this gracing our skies. And yes Rodney, keep up the fab work with your blog!!! Awesome.