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 This is the third and final post on the aircraft used as instructional airframes by the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Aviation Engineering (NMIT) at Woodbourne Airfield, Blenheim.

Special thanks go to NMIT for photograph permission and to Zac Yates for providing same.



The Piper PA-28-140D Cherokee ZK-DEB c/n 28-7125115 was shipped to New Zealand aboard the Austral Patriot, arriving on the 15-03-1971.

It was registered to the NZ Piper agents Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch on 19-04-1971 and first flew here on 24-04-1971. It was delivered the same day to the Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club at Bridge Pa, Hastings.ZK-DEB at Pukekohe 08-01-1972.

They on sold it to R D and S F Thodey of Hastings from 26-09-1975 and it was in turn sold to D R Fraser of Hawarden, North Canterbury from 11-06-1976.

Next in line were K J and L P Anderson of Clinton from 30-08-1983.

Above. as seen at West Melton 28-03-1987 with the Kittyhawk Club/AOPA sticker on its fin.
As seen at Timaru 21-02-2008.

Then followed Classic Flights Ltd at Wanaka from 18-04-2008.On the tie downs at Omarama 10-12-2009.

And at home base at Wanaka on 16-12-2009.

Above. Taxying out at Wanaka on 13-11-2015 with a new lower engine cowling.

In a new scheme above at Wanaka on 10-02-2017.

Wanaka 21-02-2019.

Wanaka again on 25-02-2019.

It was damaged at Wanaka on 02-11-2019 and was cancelled on 05-10-2020 as destroyed.

It is now part of the NMIT team at Woodbourne.

At NMIT Woodbourne from Zac Yates. August 2023.



The Aerospatiale AS 350 D A-Star ZK-HYP2 c/n 1393 popped up in August of 1981 with Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation of Grand Prairie, Texas as N5774X for delivery to RTS Helicopters Services Corporation of New York, NY the following month. By 1993 it was with Papillon Helicopters Ltd of Kirkland, Washington until cancelled on 23-05-1996 to move to New Zealand.
It became ZK-HYP2 with Skyline Aviation Ltd at Hastings on 31-05-1996.
It was re-designated as an AS 350 B model on 01-05-1998 with an upgrade to an AS 350 BA on 28-08-2008.
A re-listing to Helicopters Hawkes Bay 2006 Ltd of Hastings took effect from 01-04-2019.
Above we see ZK-HYP at Bridge Pa on 15-03-2000 with small "Skyline Aviation" decals.

Above as part of the NMIT tool kit at Woodbourne thanks to Zac Yates.

Above is the Eurocopter conversion date plate for its upgrade to AS 350 BA model dated 25 Aug 2008 thanks to Rotorcraft.



Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HWL2 is c/n 2540 and first appeared listed with Canterbury Helicopters Ltd of Claxby on 04-08-1995.
ZK-HWL as captured at Airmec Aviation, West Melton, Christchurch on 30-01-1997 with Wanaka Helicopters titles.
It was damaged just northeast of Roxburgh on 10-03-1998.

And two shots of ZK-HWL2 at Forest Field on 15-02-2000.
It was re-listed to Wanaka Helicopters - a name change from Canterbury Helicopters  - on 20-11-2002.
David Eason of Crown Rock Farm, Tapanui took it over from 30-03-2009
It was withdrawn and its registration was cancelled on 01-07-2016.
It was replaced at Crown Rock Farm by the R22 ZK-HEV2.

Above. ZK-HWL2 at NMIT, Woodbourne during August this year, thanks to Zac Yates.


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