Friday 22 September 2023

EAA Acrosport II ZK-DJK/2 Re-Visited

We have covered the EAA Acrosport II ZK-DJK2 previously on the blog (you can search for it) but we have not managed a decent photo of it, or chronicled what happened to it.  Peter Dorbeck who has been photographing aircraft at Ardmore for many years has recently shared a nice photo of it taken in 2006:

ZK-DJK2 (c/n 1483) was registered on 17/2/00 and was based at Ardmore.  In a very sad situation it crashed into the sea off Great Barrier Island on 23/5/14 with the loss of the pilot and was not found at the time despite extensive aerial searches.  Its registration was cancelled on 13/6/14.  Later in a one in a million chance it was snagged by a fishing boat on 7/8/14 and the wreckage was recovered.

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