Wednesday 13 September 2023

Bantam B 22 at ZK-FXG at Feilding on 10-9-2023

Jordan Elvy was at Feilding last Sunday and amongst the various aircraft comings and going was the locally owned Bantam B 22 ZK-FXG which has not been posted on the blog previously:

ZK-FXG (c/n 0098) was first registered back in October 1990 and has been owned by Brian Fletcher of Palmerston North since 30/6/00 but it has not been flying much over the last few years.  However it has recently been overhauled and is now flying again.

Thanks for the photo Jordan.

I checked out posts on Bantams on the blog and I reckon we have posted around 47 of them to date.  I see there are 103 still on the register.

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