Sunday 3 September 2023

Daher TBM-940 N507AH at Nelson

A brief international visitor into Nelson today was this Daher TBM-940 (ex SOCATA and Mooney) N507AH c/n 1285.
This is a very upmarket version of the earlier TBM-700 powered with a PT6A-66.
For more on the TBM development see HERE.

N507AH has been registered to Ennis Hot Springs LLC of Kalispell, Montana since 12-10-2021 and has done a significant flight from the US to Dubai and New Zealand via Australia with four POB; one of whom owns an identical aircraft back in the States.

Photo below taken at Nelson today by Bill Mannix.It was noted flying from Adelaide to Melbourne on 22-08-2023, then to Hobart on the 23rd. On the 26th it moved on to Coolangatta, then to Horn Island the following day.
On the 30th it headed out towards Lord Howe Island but diverted to Mackay and Whitsunday Island. Next day, 31-08-2023, it made it to Lord Howe Island and then on to Queenstown.
From Queenstown if flew to Nelson, VFR, and then on to Auckland today, IFR, with Rarotonga in its sights tomorrow.


  1. Spotted it heading north out of Auckland, look like they leaving nz today.

  2. There is also a swiss registered TBM 960 in Christchurch today

  3. It was a world trip !!