Saturday 9 September 2023

95th Anniversary of Canterbury Aero Club fly in West Melton 02-09-2023

Below is a selection of visitors to the Canterbury Aero Clubs 95th Anniversary fly in at West Melton on 02-09-2023 as captured by Tony McFarlin.Charlie Draper's Cessna 170B ZK-SJK c/n 26744 is of 1955 vintage and arrived in NZ for John Kelly of Richmond, being registered to him on 01-05-2012. Charlie Draper picked it up about August last year to replace his on sold Auster J1B Aiglet ZK-AYU.

A new one for the Blog is this Cub Crafters CCX-1865 ZK-PJV c/n CCX-1865-0031 registered to Johan Vlok of Darfield on 23-03-2022.
This was a factory assist amateur built aircraft by Johan at the Cub Crafters Inc factory at Yakima, Washington. Powered with a 186hp Lycoming O-363i engine and with a G3X glass cockpit.
It was briefly listed as N300XC to PJV Cub Inc of Yakima, Washington from 03-05-2021 until cancellation on 22-12-2021 for its transfer to its NZ registration.
Below is the vinyl as seen on the forward fuselage.

John Crawford arrived in his Bushby MM1 Midget Mustang ZK-MMI c/n 932.

The old familiar Cessna 182Q Skylane II ZK-JBT2 c/n 65964 originally cavorted around the country as ZK-DCK from October of 1977 with the Ministry of Transport Air Transport Division, with a name change to Civil Aviation Authority of NZ from 10-08-1992. It went to Tirohanga Rural Estates Ltd of Cambridge on 05-08-1993 and then to JBT Ltd of Feilding from 20-06-1997. On this same date it was re-registered as ZK-JBT2. (JBT being John B Tansley). It has been with Ross Millichamp of Christchurch since 13-12-2013.

Another new catch for the Blog is the Piper PA-18-180 ZK-CUF2 c/n 18-8009044. This began its aviating career in Italy in late 1979 as I-BALP but was involved in an off-field landing and overturned on 19-05-2015. The damaged aircraft was purchased by Bruce Drake and shipped to NZ and fully rebuilt incorporating a180hp engine from the MS893A D-EETI which Bruce also imported. It has a carbon fibre floor and instrument panel, metal flaps and ailerons and sits on 31x13x6 main wheels and has a larger tailwheel. It first flew out of Bruce's strip at Fernside on 14-08-2019.

The Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub ZK-BKX c/n 18-4684 was the 22nd Cub to be registered in NZ and has resided in the Sheffield area since August of 1981, either with John Ogilvie or (currently with) Fred Bull.

The Windwhistle Syndicates Cessna 180 ZK-BKG c/n 30376 and has been active since early 1956.

Ex Royal Air Force Auster 5D ZK-BGU c/n 1757 reached NZ in 1955 and has been with Greg McDonald since early 1984.

All photos from Tony McFarlin.

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