Thursday 7 September 2023

Down the Road at Hamilton on 2-9-2023

As we were staying near Ngahinapouri it was only a short hop across to Hamilton airport (and you can get cheap fuel (compared to Auckland prices!) at the Waitomo self service station just South of the airport).  It was quiet on a Saturday afternoon but I photo'd a few flying machines of interest:

SOCATA TB 20 Trinidad GT ZK-SGT was parked outside, the first time I had seen it.  It is registered to Aerius Ltd of Te Puke.  The Trinidad GT has a curved fairing between the fuselage and the fin which makes it look nicer I think.  We have one other Trinidad GT (ZK-SOC) as well as two Trinidads (ZK-CCA2 and ZK-JFC but I understand that it may be moving to Australia).

While I was there the Westpac Air Ambulance Mitsubishi MU 2B ZK-PSR whistled past and took off on a mission.

And Heli A1 Ltd's Airbus AS 350 B3 ZK-IUU has acquired ZK registration marks for its recent deployment to Vavau'u in Tonga where it was involved in rodent eradication on Late Island.  It only returned to New Zealand recently and relocated to Hamilton on 2/9/23, the day I took the photo.


  1. ZK-IUU is just back from operating out of Vava’u on rodent eradication work on Late Island, Tongan island group

  2. Lean more :-
    Paste this link into GOOGLE and reed the full story.

  3. ZK-IUU was shipped back to NZ and reassembled at Mechanics Bay, flying down to Hamilton last Saturday