Saturday 16 September 2023

Cessna Citation VH-X8X at Christchurch on Thursday.

 A fleeting visitor through Christchurch International Airport on Thursday was the Cessna 525B Citation CJ3J VH-X8X c/n 525B-0472

A Tony McFarlin photograph.

Note the Alpha / Numeric registration.

Noted as N225TJ from July 2015 in the Bank of Utah books and I believe operated by Sable PT LLC with delivery on 02-07-2015.
Its US registration was cancelled on 18-04-2023 to become VH-X8X on 24-05-2023 with Eagle One Aviation Ltd of Peregian Beach, Queensland, and is operated by Navair Flight Operations Pty Ltd at Bankstown.

It flew into Christchurch from Sydney on Thursday, remaining briefly before returning to Sydney and then on Friday flew to Ballina, Adelaide and back home to Bankstown.


  1. That’s a new one since when were the Aussies adding numerals to their regos?

  2. Below is an extract from the Australian Flying Magazine dated 1 June 2022.


    CASA announced today that it would change Australia's civil aircraft registrations to an alpha-numeric system that would include numbers as well as letters.
    The move is being made to create more registrations than were possible under the simple VH-ABC system.

    "We use the VH Australian Nationality Mark followed by 3 alpha characters," CASA CEO Pip Spence said in the June CASA Briefing newsletter. "Soon we will be introducing a 3-character alphanumeric combintion such as VH-2AB, VH-A9B, VH-A22.

    "Introducing a 3-character alphanumeric system will mean the availability of more than 20,000 additional marks.
    This will give us enough marks for at least another 30 years.

    "This supply maintains the current look of the registration mark and allows for sequential reservations and selective individual marks."

    Australia began using the VH- system in January 1929, which was adopted from the arbitrary designation given to Australian civil aircraft by the International Radiotelegraph Convention held in the USA two years earlier. Prior to that, Australian aircraft used the British G- systems of registration.

    According to the Airways Museum, the first aircraft to carry a VH- registration was a Gipsy Moth, owned by Mr TP Manifold which bore the marking VH-UKF.


  3. flew over Mt Cook MCN about 6.15 pm 29/10/23