Sunday 31 January 2021

Sir Keith Park Memorial Airfield

In 2020 the Thames Airfield was re-named the Sir Keith Park Memorial Airfield in honour of Keith Park who was born in Thames and who went on to be a pilot in World War 1, and then to play a pivotal role in the air defences of England in World War II.  

A replica of his personal Hurricane has been erected at the entrance to the airfield:

The reason we were all there on Saturday was for the 4th Annual Wings and Wheels event.

And in another tribute to Sir Keith Park, the NZ Warbirds flew their replica Bristol F2B Fighter over from Ardmore for a flying display.  It is registered ZK-PRK and is painted in the colours of an aircraft that the then Keith Park flew in World War 1.


  1. So this is the second replica of this Hurricane in the country now? The other being at MOTAT.

  2. I think this replica is the same one that used to be at MOTAT

    1. From what I saw it was still there about a month ago