Tuesday 12 January 2021

Druine Turbulent ZK-BWE at Dargaville Today 12-1-2021

I undertook a flight up to Dargaville today to get ZK-KMM checked out by Brian Taylor and I am pleased to report that I now have a new Annual Condition Inspection Flight Permit Validation permit for a Class 1 Microlight.  When I was there I looked in on Bruce Clarke who now owns the ex Bruce Shepherd Turbulent ZK-BWE, and hangars it on the airfield.

ZK-BWE was the first Turbulent to fly in New Zealand, way back in December 1959 - that's more than 60 years ago!  I have previously posted on its history at https://nzcivair.blogspot.com/2019/12/60th-anniversary-of-turbulent-in-new.html

Bruce hasn't yet flown his "new" Turbulent but he intends to get it flying soon.  It looked to be in excellent condition.

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