Tuesday 5 January 2021

Another Day in Paradise!

After a couple of non flying days (for me at least) today dawned brilliantly with light winds forecast so I headed out to Kaipara Flats airfield.  I fuelled up Honey Bebe but then a taxi arrived with some lucky people who were being picked up by helicopter so I turned Honey Bebe into the direction from which the wind of the rotor wash would come and waited until it arrived.

Eurocopter AS 355 NP ZK-ICT arrived and picked up said lucky people who were then whisked off to the Bay of Islands.  The pilot told me that the luggage pod could take 120 Kg so all their bags fitted in easily.

Then I took off and I headed off to Kawau Island again:

En Route to Kawau you pass by Rabbit Island that I never realised before is inhabited with a house and a jetty.  And you can see how clear the water was.  Nice spot!

Then a fly by at 800 feet down North Cove where my 3 grandsons were staying at a holiday camp with their mum and dad.  That is their jetty, the second one above the nose.

Then back to the Tawharanui Peninsula at around 1,000 feet.  That water is so blue!

Back at the airfield Bill Izard arrived with Cliff Bellingham in Bill's Tecnam Sierra RG ZK-ZZT, to check out a possible project.

Next up was Bruce Lynch who has been doing maintenance on his Tiger Moth ZK-ASM for a long time, and today was its first flight after the work which included fitting a new fuel tank.  It sure jumped into the air in quick time.

Then it was lunchtime so back home and then drive to Sandspit to pick up the family from the ferry after their holiday.  All in all a great day.

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