Friday 8 January 2021

Gliders at Drury

The Auckland Gliding Club is currently holding a soaring week at its Drury airfield and some of the participants are pictured below. 
Schleicher ASW20 ZK-GBL2 which was imported from the Czech Republic in 2013 and has an Auckland owner.

Schempp Hirth Discus 2T ZK-GHW2 imported from Australia in 2006 and registered to a Pukekohe owner

Schleicher ASW20CL ZK-GRA imported new in 1984 and registered to a Katikati syndicate.

Owned by the Auckland Gliding Club PZL Swidnik PW5 Smyk ZK-GXF,  imported new back in 1995

Schleicher ASH25M ZK-GZF which was imported from the USA in 2008 and is registered to a Christchurch syndicate

And Schleicher ASW27 ZK-GZM which was imported from Germany in 2003, and is registered to an Auckland private owner



  1. Hi Richard

    I was there yesterday and judging by which gliders you have photographed we must have been doing the rounds (almost) together.

  2. Thats a pity Peter, my visit wasnt planned but I hadnt been to Drury for awhile so it was certainly worthwhile

  3. Actually I don't think you and I have met since the days when you used to come into the bank in Queen St and I moved to Wellington in 1981... I have been retired in Tauranga since 2015.I work at Classic Flyers most Mondays, Fridays and also Sunday afternoons. I also do Saturdays when DC-3 AWP is doing scenics so text me on 921 0830 2185 when you next plan a visit. We are having an open day at Classic Flyers on 23 January though the DC-3 will be in Wanganui. Most aircraft with engines will be started up.