Sunday 25 March 2018


Noted among the recent cancellations was the Hughes 369HS ZK-HWD3. (c/n 64-0606S).
This c/n indicates that it was built in June of 1964 but the first registration I can find for it is P2-PHL from 16-09-1975 with Pacific Helis of Goroka P.N.G.
It then entered the Australian register on 14-01-1982 as VH-PHL with W T Waterhouse of St  Marys, NSW.
Ballarat and Western Victoria TV Ltd of Ballarat took it over from 21-09-1983.
It is seen below at St Marys, NSW on 08-05-1983 via Tony Arbon.
 Below as seen at Ballarat on 07-03-1984. Via Tony Arbon.
 And below on 10-11-1984 by Tony Arbon.
 Below at Mangalore, Victoria on 07-04-1985 by Daniel Tanner and
Then it moved to Lamigo Pty Ltd of Cherry Gardens, South Australia from 20-12-1989, followed by
Mount Eliza Pharmacy Trust of Mansfield, Victoria from 12-12-1991.
Below as seen in December 1991 from Tony Arbon.
Its Australian registration was cancelled on 19-10-1993 and it popped up on the NZ register as ZK-HJA on 29-10-1993 with Southern Lakes Helicopters Ltd of Te Anau.
It is seen below at Te Anau on 18-05-1994 -  now on long legs.
Less than a year later it was back in Australia as VH-PHL but with M Mauric of King Island, Tasmania from 23-09-1994. 
Its VH registration was cancelled in August 1998 and it then appeared on the US register as N759M with Mike Green an Associated of Austin, Texas from 21-08-1998 until being stuck off on 09-10-2011 to appear back on the NZ register - but this time as ZK-HWDwith Oceania Aviation Ltd of Ardmore on 12-10-2001.
Then followed a succession of owner/operators including R M Cotton out of Te Anau from October 2001; Heli-Flight Wairarapa Ltd of Masterton from June  of 2002 - which became Heli-Flight (NZ) Ltd from 09-09-2003.
Then we have Bill Hales at Hanmer Springs from 05-08-2004. 
Seen below at Christchurch on 17-11-2005. On short legs.
 Christchurch again - on 17-05-2006.
 and on 07-08-2007.
Then there was Northstar Helicopters Ltd of Wanaka from 30-10-2007 and Coptersouth Ltd of Christchurch by 12-06-2008; 
Seen at Garden City Helicopters facility at Christchurch on 19-08-2008. Back on long legs.

 Two shots at Heli Maintenance Christchurch on 10-08-2010
 And below another at Heli Maintenance on 16-03-2012.
Mountain View Helicopters Ltd of Christchurch took it on from 28-08-2012;
Noted below at Rangiora on 13-09-2013.
 And below at Heli-Maintenance on 28-01-2015.
It was relisted to Combined Helicopter Services of Christchurch from 27-02-2016.
 Two views on 07-09-2016 at Heli Maintenance.
And finally it was listed to Heli-Skills Parts Ltd from 31-03-2017.
Its registration was cancelled on 15-03-2018.

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