Thursday 1 March 2018

Air New Zealand at Wellington

While I was at Wellington last week I took the opportunity to photograph a selection of Air New Zealand planes coming and going.  It is a repeating process and if you wait around long enough you can see the same planes again, but I guess that is what a local airline does.  However I still enjoy watching them come and go, especially in a strong Wellington breeze.

The first 3 photos are from my favourite Afternoon Northerly spot at Moa Point in just such a strong breeze:

The most recent 3 Airbus 320s in the Air New Zealand fleet:  
ZK-OXK, (c/n 6706),

ZK-OXL (c/n 7086),

and ZK-OXM (c/n 7362).

Then there are the ATR 72s including ZK-MVL (c/n 1328),

and from my favourite Morning Northerly spot at the top of Strathmore Park:  ZK-MVF (c/n 1228),

and ZK-MVO (c/n 1299).

Then there are the Q 300s including the mostly black ZK-NEM (c/n 630)

and the pleasing sight of the old blue scheme ZK-NED2 (c/n 617).  

While I like the black and white colour scheme I now reckon that a bit of Pacific blue colour would be better for the Air New Zealand fleet - perhaps a blue stripe to break the black and white? 

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