Wednesday 7 March 2018

Timaru 1st March 2018 # 1

The New Zealand National Flying Championships.
Held at Timaru last weekend.
Follows is a selection of aircraft noted on Thursday the 1st and Friday the 2nd of March 2018.
 Cessna 172M ZK-DKM (c/n 17261764) arrived in NZ aboard the Austral Endurance on 15-07-1973, was registered to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd on the 18th, and first flew and obtained its N Z CofA on 03-07-1973 03-08-1973.
It went to Queenstown for the Wakatipu Aero Club followed by Central Shearing Co Ltd of Middlemarch from October 1979. Less than a year later (July 1980) it was on the books of Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd of Ardmore before transferring to Motor Holdings (Aviation) Ltd in May of 82. 
John Penno of Mosgiel took it up from November 1982 before it shifted to the Otago Aero Club at Taieri in February of 1986.
It went to private ownership from April of 1991. It was listed to its current owner Mike Punch on 24-12-2009.
The well known De Havilland DH82A 'Tiger 43'  [aka ZK-BRL] is c/n DHNZ123 and has been listed with East Canterbury Aviation Ltd of Rangitata Island since 18-09-2007.
A Tony McFarlin photo.
 Down from the Marlborough Aero Club at Omaka was the fixed gear Aerospool Dynamic WT9 ZK-DYZ  (c/n DY146/2006).
 Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-LSF (c/n 486) has been with Simon Ford of Porirua since new on 04-04-2012.
A local out on the line up was the Rusty Sullivan Rans S-6ES Coyote II ZK-TPC (c/n 04991316ES) showing for the first time its larger wheels.


  1. Interesting as usual. Are you sure that DKM got its CofA 12 days before it arrived in NZ? Cheers

  2. Good spotting there Anon.
    I am absolutely certain it did not.
    Date should be 03-08-1973.

  3. DKM was picketed at Pukekohe East strip 1400 today.