Sunday 4 March 2018

Mooney M20G ZK-FYD at North Shore 3-3-2018

A quick visit on my way past North Shore Airfield on a Saturday afternoon produced an unexpected surprise:

Mooney M20G ZK-FYD (c/n 680009) was outside its hangar when I arrived but was later pushed back inside.  It is remarkable that I have never seen this aircraft before, even though it has probably been based at North Shore since 1991!  It is ex N22VM and was first registered to the Stanton/McLean Syndicate of Silverdale on 24/4/91.  It was cancelled on 26/6/01 and briefly reverted to N22VM before being re-registered on 28/7/01, and then being purchased by its current owners, the SR and BJ Mitchell Family Trust of North Shore on 15/2/03.

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