Wednesday 7 March 2018

Timaru on Thursday 1st March # 5

 Two visitors noted where the Beechcraft G58 Baron N298WA (c/n TH-2298) which has been NZ based since mid-2011.
It has been mentioned on our sister blogs 
 Stopping briefly for fuel was the Eurocopter AS 350 BA ZK-HMG2 (c/n 2647) of Prosser Heli Ag Ltd of Fairlie.
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Cessna A150L Aerobat ZK-TWT (c/n A1500369) came to NZ from Australia in 1994 to become ZK-YFA. 
After a rework by Bryn Lockie at Parakai it was re-listed as ZK-TWT on 10-12-2004.
It joined the South Canterbury Aero Club (Inc) on 31-03-2017 although I believe it was delivered to Timaru on 02-07-2014.
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  1. TWT became part of our fleet at SCAC on 2/4/2017 when she was flown by the CFI from Kapiti to Timaru.
    She had been in private ownership at paraparaumu up until then