Monday 26 February 2018

Sport Aircraft at Dargaville 24-2-2018 - Including Old and New Tecnams

As well as gyrocopters and trikes, a few interesting sport aircraft attended the Dargaville Aero Club's flyin and open day last Saturday.

Seldom seen (by me at least) is the short wing Zenith Zodiac CH 601-HDS ZK-SWB2 came from Kaikohe.  You can see more of this aircraft's history  HERE

Alan Nelson flew his Tecnam P 92 Echo ZK-KFP in from nearby Te Kopuru.  This aircraft has quite a long history, being the third Tecnam aircraft to be registered in New Zealand.  It was registered to Kevin Farmer of Manakau on 20/1/00.  It was sold to B W Ford of Raglan on 1/4/04 then to Alan Nelson (Pekamu Trust) of Te Kopuru on 15/2/08.  Alan exported the aircraft to Australia with the registration being cancelled on 25/10/11, with the aircraft becoming 24-8051 on the Australian Microlight register.  And then Alan imported the aircraft back into New Zealand, and re-registered it as ZK-KFP again on 16/8/17.

The above photo was taken at the 2000 SAANZ flyin at Matamata, and it can be seen that it has not changed much over all those years.  (What does it say that I am still taking photos of the same aircraft from the same angle 18 years later!)

Fast forward to one of the latest Tecnam aircraft - the P 2008 which was introduced in 2009.  And one of our latest P 2008s is ZK-RJN which was registered to J R Nicholls of Mangonui on 12/7/17.  It flew into Dargaville from Kerikeri via Whangarei.

And another Tecnam was Paul Carran's Astore ZK-AST2 up from North Shore.

A wider view of the visiting aircraft including Tecnams ZK-RNJ and ZK-RJN.

That's all from Dargaville for now.

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