Thursday 8 February 2018

Cessna 182J ZK-CKZ

The Cessna 182J Skylane ZK-CKZ c/n 18256864 was allocated the US registration of N2764F by Cessna Aircraft but came to NZ and was registered to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of New Plymouth on 04-03-1966 - the fifth of its type on our register (I think).
These first two photos taken at Oamaru whilst on demo on 14-03-1966.
Below from Allan Wooller not much later now wearing Rural Aviation titles below the cockpit.
It was transferred to Rural Aviation (1963) Ltd of New Plymouth on 05-04-1966 and then to General Finance Acceptance Ltd  and went on line with the Auckland Flying School.
It was returned to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd - now at Ardmore on 02-06-1970 and then went back to General Finance Acceptance on 17-12-1970 and was operated by D J McGregor Ltd of Auckland.
Above at  Ardmore on 19-03-1972.
It was damaged at Mangonui on 28-09-1972 and was listed back with Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd on 01-06-1973 with its registration being cancelled on 29-12-1974.
It was returned to the register with Mort Saunders Ltd of Tauranga on 30-10-1979 until sold to B E and R D Mabin of Waipukurau on 09-04-1985.
Above at Timaru on 03-03-1988 from Steve Lowe.
Below at Timaru on 01-04-1996 from Dave Paull.
Aongatete Aviation Ltd of Katikati took it over from 05-12-1997 and the current owner I R and D J Bodmin of Katikati  from 01-10-1999.
As captured at Hamilton by Keith Morris in 25-01-2018.


  1. I'll go for third of it's type (BRI, BUK...)and will happily refund the chockie fish.........

  2. Ha ha.
    Out of sequence Departmental ZK-DCC and ZK-DCD 31-08-1965.

  3. My father owned that plane - he bought it crashed and had Mort Saunders rebuild it for him at Mount Maunganui. His name was Ian Phillips. He had it hangared at Thames Aerodrome for many years.

  4. My father, Ian Phillips, owned that plane for years. He bought it crashed and Mort Saunders rebuilt it for him at Mt Maunganui. Dad kept it mostly at Thames Aerodrome.

  5. Dad had it painted too, he chose the green and brown colours.