Saturday 24 February 2018

Antarctic Apron Friday 23rd.

A reasonable gathering on Friday the 23rd February on the Antarctic apron at Christchurch International Airport.
In the above view we have three Lockheed LC130's a C17 Globemaster with a QANTAS tin pidgeon and an Emirates A380 in behind.
Above we have the Lockheed LC130H 92-1095 (c/n 382-5405) which totes the 'City of Cohoes' name and a woolly mammoth above the entry door.
 Outside the NSF hangar was the LC130H 93-1096 which is c/n 382-5410.
LC130H 73-3300 is c/n 382-4508
And the C17A Globemaster III 08-8199 (c/n P-199 with) the LC130H 83-0493 c/n 382-5016 'Pride of Scotia' in behind.

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